Lorain Avenue Master Plan

The Lorain Avenue Master Plan was created to identify assets and obstacles within our commercial corridor and to work within that framework to successfully develop our neighborhood.

The Plan calls for the reuse and restoration of the buildings on Lorain Avenue from W 110th Street to W 123rd Street. Most of these buildings were built in the 1920s and exhibit the great character and craftsmanship of that time period. The Plan identifies the potential to showcase these structures using simple and often inexpensive techniques such as removing T-111 on storefront windows and adhering to the building code. Additionally, the promotion of a specific variety of businesses that will attract customers from near and far will make our neighborhood a shopping and dining destination.

The centerpiece of the Plan is the restoration of the Variety Theatre. This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is in the midst of being restored as a multi-use venue presenting movies, plays, dinner theatre, private parties and other live performances. The Plan identifies attracting businesses to the neighborhood that compliment an active theatre. The Variety Theatre will also serve as the impetus for bringing arts to the neighborhood through artist live-work space, art galleries and public art within the Plan area.

We created the Lorain Avenue Master Plan because we know that great neighborhoods don’t just happen. They start with a catalyst and grow through careful planning.