Variety Village Streetscape Plan

The Westown Community Development Corporation and the City of Cleveland have committed to building a thriving commercial center along Lorain Avenue.  Through a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI),  Westown was given the opportunity to envision transportation and infastructure initiatives that will further define the Variety Village while creating a safer and more uniform district for pedestrians, public transit riders and motorists alike.

The Variety Village Commercial district lines Lorain Avenue extending from West 115th Street to the east and West 123rd Street to the west, the commercial district represents a three quarter mile long section of this important arterial roadway.  The West 117th Street intersection subdivides the district, and represents an important gateway into the neighborhood into the neighborhood due to the strong north-south connections and direct access to I-90 three blocks to the north.  The planned renovation of the Variety Theater, the namesake of the district, will create a new activity hub for the community.